Importance of Communication Between Production Company and Client


Video production is a complex task which involves considerable resources and people. There are many professional videographers in Atlanta who do excellent video production works. Communication between the production company and clients is one of the most important aspects of video production. Clear and transparent communication helps to improve the quality of the final video content. The importance and role of communication between production company and clients are discussed below:  

Understanding the Client’s Need

The most important part of open and honest communication between a production company and its clients is to develop a clear understanding of the client’s requirements. The production director and the client need to set up transparent communication channels which helps the director to understand the scope of the work. Developing an understanding of the client’s specific needs is the most elementary step before you start with your production work. Once you start the production work, it can be very difficult to go back and forth due to change in communication from the client or a potential misunderstanding in the first place. It can lead to delays in the production work and considerable wastage of time and money. 

Clarity on the Budget 

The production company and the client should communicate clearly on the budget assigned for the production work. Video production work is a creative domain and there are numerous ways to produce a video. You can make use of different type of production equipment, crews, duration, voice-over, etc. but still be unable to meet your client’s requirements. This generally results from poor or fragmented communication between the production company and the client. Both the parties should clearly agree on the budget which will help the production company to plan their resources accordingly and also ensure that the client does not end up paying more than the budgeted amount. The production company cannot guess the budget on their own which will create further issues during the production work as the client may not agree on it later. 

Improved Collaboration 

Video production should always be a collaborative effort between the production company and the clients. Once the initial round of communication and agreement is done, the production company usually starts planning their work. They set up clear milestones and deliverables along with the timelines. These internal plans should be communicated to the client. The clients can check the plans and provide their feedback on the same which will help in finetuning it. This also ensures that the client and the production company are on the same page pertaining to the deliverables and timelines. Both the parties should clearly communicate and make any modifications during this stage only. Once the work starts, making modifications to the deliverables and timelines become very difficult and it can delay the entire project. Thus, communication between the production company and the client leads to better planning and improved collaboration which is critical for a successful project. 

Better Scheduling 

Scheduling is a very important part of video production. It can lead to more efficient production in terms of operational and budgetary efficiency. It is paramount for the production company and their clients to communicate and plan the scheduling for the video production beforehand. The production company should clearly communicate with their clients on the number of days for which the video shoot needs to be carried out and the day-wise schedule of activities. You as a production director should always ask from your client about any other important points to be added to the scheduling. Open communication makes the scheduling of the video production better and eliminates any scope of confusion or misunderstanding between the parties later. 

Clarity on Deliverables and Timelines

Once you have worked out a clear schedule in consultation with your client, it is time to freeze on the deliverables and timelines. Open and transparent communication channels between the production company and the clients help to establish the deliverables and the expected timelines. We at A P4M Project emphasize on concise and clear communication with our clients to ascertain their deliverables and timelines and plan the production work accordingly. The client’s deliverables and timelines also impact the budget. Hence, if you do not understand it clearly, it can lead to overspending and losses for your production company. In addition to financial burden on the production company, misunderstanding of deliverables and timelines can leave your clients very dissatisfied. 

Better Feedback and Revisions

Regular communication between the production house and clients help to improve the feedback and revision processes. Once you provide the first draft of the video to the clients, they can review it and provide their feedback. This will help in improving the overall quality of the content and also align it with the initial vision of the client. This will also win you appreciation and accolades from the client and they will come back to you for future projects.