In the Studio with Big city Tez

Recently, I worked on the music video for a new single from Big City Tez. We shot this video in the studio, which gave the shoot a unique and personal vibe, bringing the viewer right into the room with the artist. 

Shooting in the studio also allows me to document the artist’s process, their ups and downs, and the real and raw emotions that they go through as they create new music. It puts the focus of the music video firmly on the artist, their craft, and their message – not on gimmicky special effects or a narrative storyline that depends on acting.

In fact, that’s what I love most about this shoot with Big City Tez; yes, there are a few staged shots in this clip to keep things interesting and I also caught some of the fun that went on behind the scenes on the day, but ultimately, this video showcases the intensity that Big City Tez brings into the studio and when he steps up to the mic, and how that energy translates into his urgent, impactful music. 

When you see Big City Tez working with his engineers to get the sound just right, then going back to give another full-on performance in the studio’s little white recording booth, that ‘performance’ is not acting at all – it’s all part of how he achieves his unique, distinctive sound. 

Recording in a studio can put a lot of pressure on the artist – there’s usually only a limited time available to get the song just right, and it’s even harder again when you’re being filmed for a music video at the same time! But as you can see in the finished product, Big City Tez more than rises to the occasion.