21 Savage "Dip Dip" / by michael buado

Have you seen “Dip Dip” Music Video from rapper 21 Savage? At 0.01 seconds, you are greeted by our logo. With over 23 million views, this became the defining project that fulfills the very purpose of our existence. Our job is not to make you believe, but to help others believe in you. Working with an artist that have big dreams excite me. I like to call myself a choir director. There’s control in the music, lyrics, body, and surroundings of everything in front of the camera that has to sync in unison. (read that last sentence twice to grasp it for what it's worth). As most reading this know 21 Savage went on to acquire his millions, and Dip was his transitional video.

This is not only limited to music videos, but a person with faith in big dreams will also receive the same results. Visual arts that have proven to force active responses are limitless. There’s a similarity between 21 Savage and actor Will Smith; the word is “Pursuit” one was for happiness and the other 4 Millions. You’re welcome to join the journey and make the transition from what you are today to who you know you’ll be tomorrow.